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FAQ and Tips

  1. Is Berryjam safe?

Berryjam scans your codes and runs directly in your local environment or on your own server. We never collects or upload your code. Only metadata is collected. You can also use -—ignore option on directories or files to exclude from scan.

2. What if some of my components are from third-party libraries?

If the external components from third-party libraries like Ant D and Font Awesome are found in your project, Berryjam should be able to identify them. However, only used components will be detected

3. There is an error when I run Berryjam CLI

First, check if the version of Berryjam CLI is the most up to date. Next, check if you are scanning in your project root directory. If that does not work, please don’t hesitate to chat with us on Discord or email us your error at [email protected] .

4. I want to export the scan result

You can get the result from the file name, components.json in Berryjam application folder. First, find the Berryjam application folder and run the following command in your preferred terminal.

cd $HOME /.berryjam

Note: For Windows users, please replace $HOME with %userprofile%.

After that, open the folder with the next command to find components.json.

open .

Note: For Windows users, please replace open with start.

5. I want to keep the previous scan result

Before you run the second scan on your current project, you may need to copy the components.json to another place. With each scan, the components.json file will be rewritten.