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Definitions ‚Äč

Here is a list of key terms that will you to understand better when using Berryjam

Key TermSectionDescription
Workspace-A directory for you to scan your project's component analytics to.
Internal ComponentDashboardA component that is developed from the ground up or is developed in part from a component of a third-party library.
External ComponentDashboardA component that is developed by a third-party library.
Unused ComponentDashboardInternal components in your project that are not used in your project.
Unspecified ComponentDashboardA component is determined to be neither an internal nor external component.
Component GroupComponent GalleryComponents that are grouped together under the same tag because the same tag appears in their component tags. I.e. my-unique-button and my-cool-button will be under the Button tag.
OriginComponent GalleryWhether the component is internal, external or unspecified.
ChildrenComponent GalleryIf a component is using other component(s) as part of its source code.

At the moment, the scan of your project may result in some unspecified components because it is unable to determine their respective origins. If you need support in any way, chat with us on Discord or email us at [email protected]